The Rokkor Files began as a repository of information about Minolta cameras and lenses, because there was a scarcity of information on the web for people really interested in photography with Minolta gear. However, over time as my photographic passion progressed I felt that the site was getting less relevant to me, and perhaps to some of the visitors to the site. Accordingly, I decided to expand the horizons of the Rokkor Files, to include things which may be of interest to other photographers, no matter what equipment they use.

Accordingly, over time I will be adding more articles, reviews, how-to's and things that I feel are of interest. I hope you enjoy them!

April 2012 - Review of the Holgaroid
The combination of a Holga medium format toy camera and a Polaroid Back - whet do you get? Find out here! Hogaroid Review by Coffs Harbour Professional Photographer Antony Hands
February 2011 - Review of the Minolta 800mm f/8 RF
Miracle of miracles - a new review of the 800mm f/8 RF lens, thanks to images, feedback and general harrassment from Roy Niswanger. :o) Seriously Roy, thanks for your input and patience! Apologies for the lack of continuity in site design, it's been so long I've forgotten how to do it!