Well after years of shooting weddings through a studio in Melbourne, in 2007 I moved to Coffs Harbour and set up my own studio here devoted purely to wedding photography. The business was named North Coast Photography, and it is based in Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Some of my images from recent wedding seasons.

It is quite exciting for me to have my own business after shooting through an established studio for so long, and I am really looking forward to next wedding season.

While it is early days, the work involved in setting up the website has been interesting. I needed to learn new skills (such as the incorporation of flash viewing software into a html table) and the mechanics of search engine optimisation, or "SEO". I also designed the logo. I think I did a good job of the website - what do you think?

North Coast Photography - wedding photography Coffs Harbour
Please feel free to direct any comments about the site to the email address on the North Coast Photography site. Also, if anyone would like to give my business a push along up the search rankings, please consider making a link to it on your own site - I would appreciate all the help I can get.