Minolta Manual Focus Convention

September 2005 - New York City


Well I have been back a few days and I decided to put up a quick preliminary page with some photos from the convention before I get around to doing a full report on it. Suffice it to say that everyone who attended had a fantastic time, and there is a real spirit of excitement about holding another in 12 months time.

Anyway, here are some of the culprits who attended the weekend.


Stefano proudly showing off his rare Minolta CLE while a jealous JB looks on in the background trying to work out how he can get his hands on it.


By this stage JB is pulling money from everywhere to try to buy it from Stefano! In the background Lee Ann and Mary Ann are wondering how come guys need more than one camera anyway.


Stefano nurses his eye at our next destination (Bar 55) after being mugged for his CLE by a suspiciously JB shaped bandit.

Stefano and his lovely wife Marina.


Voted "Miss Popular" by admiring fans Mary Ann accepts her award at Bar 55.


Here yours truly congratulates Mary Ann on her award and tries to get some of her popularity to rub off on me by associaion.


Now you can see the skills used to get voted "Miss Popular" in full flight!


Jeff photographed here in a pose we would see a bit of on the weekend!

John looking remarkably calm for a man with two 1600mm RF lenses sitting in an unlocked car.


Next morning on the big walk and Andrew and Christina look much more refreshed than I felt.


John discovering that he has a hole in his pocket - the photo taken immediately afterwards is omitted because there may be children viewing.


John demonstrating the "No, don't turn the camera, turn your whole head" method of taking pictures in portrait orientation.


Bob joined us for the walk and kept smiling like this until he had a sip and realised his drink was soda not beer.

The three stooges Jeff Tom and Tim in fine form!


Jeff here got a real name as a troublemaker. Must have had his cap on a bit tight!


Marina having a little smile at the antics of our three stooges


Tom looking like he should be from Hawaii or Florida, not Alabama. Very cool shoes though!

We didn't look like tourists at all......honest we didn't


We talked a lot of bull on the weekend.


Svante looking very much the cool european dude.


JB also comes from Europe.....there goes that theory!

Me in Times Square....I love NYC.
Well there you have it, the first of my shots from NYC. If my attempts at humour offended anyone, just let me know! More will come in due course but it seems I am VERY busy this weekend. Best wishes to all that attended, and don't forget to get a CD with your images together so I can put them up eventually.
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