NYC - September 2005

Minolta Manual Focus Convention


Come and join us in the Big Apple for fun, photography, and a chance to meet fellow manual Minolta users from around the world.


Minolta XD11 with 50mm f/1.2 MD Rokkor-X Film: Fuji Velvia


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NEW! Konica Minolta sponsors the convention - details here!

From Friday September 2nd to Monday September 5th of this year (2005) New York City will be hosting the inaugural Minolta Manual Focus Convention. The convention will be a chance to meet with other keen Minolta manual focus users from around the world, while at the same time experiencing the excitement and wonder of spending several days in New York City.

Daytime activities will include guided tours of New York City, focusing (pardon the pun) on areas of photographic interest as well as museum and gallery visits, and trips to some of NYC's great photo stores where new and used equipment abounds. Fun and informative events will include an opportunity for members to see and try out different cameras and lenses (including some of the rarer lenses), and "hunt and shoot" photo competition around the New York City streets. To get an idea of the types of sights we will see, visit my "American Journey" pages on the days spent in NYC when I visited in Septemeber 2003.

At night we will sample the restaurants and nightlife of the city, and do some night-time photo shoots of the Big Apple. Naturally cameras of all shapes and descriptions are welcome, so if you want to play with your new digicam, or shoot some NYC shots with your Hasselblad, bring 'em along. I am sure there will be many of us keen to try out different gear as well as our beloved Minolta stuff.

Most of our events will be scheduled for Saturday through to Monday (public holiday in the USA), so even keen Minolta users who are unable to take time off work will be able to join us for a great weekend of fun and friendship.

An itinerary of the convention is detailed here in pdf format, so for full details of the proposed events please download and print off a copy. A finalised itinerary with meeting places will issue to all participants prior to the event.

Details of the accommodation arrangements including booking details are available on this page. I recommend that you book promptly to ensure you get a room at the convention hotel.

To help organise events etc. it is important that I know the number of people attending. Accordingly, if you wish to attend please contact me via email at the email address below:


You have read each other's posts on the various Minolta user groups, and possibly even communicated by email. Now is your chance to meet some of your Minolta photo buddies from around the globe in person! Come to NYC in September!

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