Day 1 - New York  
    Fire escapes are a quintessential New York sight - This was my first photo in New York.    
Minolta XD11 with 50mm f/1.2 MD Rokkor-X Film: Fuji Velvia, Desaturated

I arrived in New York on the evening of Friday 29th August 2003, after a 10,000 mile flight from Melbourne Australia. My introduction to New York was due to start the following morning when I had arranged to meet a friend named Bernard Ente, who was planning to show me around New York. Bernard is a professional photographer I had met online through a common interest in classic Minolta cameras, and the prospect of meeting a Minolta buddy from across the globe was a thrill. I called Bernard and we organised to meet at my hotel the next morning at 8.00am before leaving on my introductory journey.

Saturday dawned overcast and damp, and I was not hopeful for my prospects of getting good shots, but the chance to explore New York was a thrill. Bernard met me at the lobby, and after the usual introductions we set out together on our tour.

Bernard has conducted regular photo excursions of New York for several years, and as a result he has a following of avid walkers and photographers who will accompany him on his tours. Given he had advised on his site that a walk was on for the morning, we headed off towards the subway to catch a train down to Canal Street, to meet anyone who had decided to join the group. Bernard was not expecting many walkers due to the poor morning weather and the fact that it was the Labour Day long weekend, and his expectations were borne out when we were joined by only one other participant, a keen walking enthusiast named Fran.

We set out from Chinatown down Canal Street towards the Manhattan Bridge, and soon we were on the bridge looking out over New York.


Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan Bridge, with the downtown financial district in the background.


Minolta XD11 with 50mm f/1.2 MD Rokkor-X Film: Fuji Velvia

The Manhattan Bridge provides an excellent vantage point for viewing the world famous Brooklyn Bridge, as well as the city proper. The view from the Manhattan Bridge of the city is really very spectacular, and I would strongly recommend that any tourist take the opportunity to see New York from this angle. Thankfully, halfway across the bridge the morning haze began to burn off, and it soon became obvious that instead of rain, we were going to have a lovely sunny day.
Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan Bridge
Minolta X-570 with 200mm f/2.8 MD Tele Rokkor. Film: Kodak Portra UC 400
Manhattan Bridge, Dumbo End
Minolta X-570 with 24mm f/2.8 MC VFC Rokkor. Film: Kodak Portra UC 400
On the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge is an area known as 'Dumbo' (acronym derived from 'Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass'). This area is becoming popular with artists and boasts a riverside sculpture park, and some fine views of the city.
An interesting use for old shoes. Manhattan Bridge Overpass, Dumbo End
Minolta XD11 with 85mm f/2 MD Rokkor-X Film: Fuji Velvia
From Adams Street in Dumbo you can get a unique view of the Empire State Building, framed by the pillars of the Manhattan Bridge.
Manhattan Bridge Staunchion framing Empire State Building, .
Minolta X-570 with 50mm f/1.2 Rokkor-X Film: Kodak Portra UC 400
From the Manhattan Bridge Overpass we headed down towards the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn Bridge. At this end the two bridges are only about 400 metres apart, and the short stroll through the riverside park was very pleasant. By this stage the sun had completely burnt off the remaining mist and we had a perfect day for sightseeing. Dumbo is an interesting mix of old abandoned buildings that are being converted into new residential apartments, and old dock buildings that are being converted into ruins.
Old Dock Door, Riverside Park, Dumbo.
Minolta X-570 with 50mm f/1.2 MD Rokkor-X Film: Kodak Portra UC 400, Desaturated.
After spending some time enjoying the view from the riverside park, we walked up to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked across to the Civic Centre and Financial District of New York. To see more, please visit the next page, 'Day 1 - Continued'.
Day 1 - Continued
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