Over the years Minolta manufactured some truly outstanding items of photographic equipment and pioneered many photographic tecnologies that were fundamental to the future of the industry. Major features where Minolta led the industry included the introduction of automatic aperture stop-down on the SR-2 in 1958, full-aperture metering on the SR-T Series in 1966, and aperture priority and shutter priority on the XD Series in 1977. Together with incredibly successful cameras such as the XG series and the X-700 these cameras were responsible for introducing millions of people to the joys of photography.

Minolta lenses are equally famous for their superb contrast and "bokeh". Minolta had an extraordinary range of lenses from 7.5mm circular fisheye to 1600mm super telephoto, the longest lens available for purchase ever made by any of the major manufacturers.

On these pages you will find details about Minolta cameras, lenses and accessories, including lens reviews, camera brochures and much more. I hope you enjoy exploring it!


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