There are a number of very informative sites on the web where information can be obtained about Minolta manual focus cameras and lenses. Why not pay some of these sites a visit?
  The informative and interesting Manual Minolta Free Group at Yahoo Groups  
  The X-700 Club at Yahoo Groups - discussions cover more than just the X-700  
  Mikko Niskanen's informative pages on the Minolta XE Series. Also have a look at his pages on macrography equipment, telephoto lenses, and some subjective lens evaluations.  
  The great XD11 and X-700 pages at Photography in Malaysia  
  Cameraquest's site on the Minolta Himatic 7SII - a great camera I own and love to use!  
  Results from Dutch Photo Magazine reviews of Minolta lenses at Paul van Soest's page.  
  To get an idea of the work I am doing now, check out the website of my Coffs Harbour wedding photography studio Chasing Summer Photography .  
XD11 with 135mm f/2 MD