My friend Scott held his buck's party on the weekend, four weeks prior to his much anticipated wedding on April 21st. This lead time showed the experience of a true planner - he obviously expected to come out of the day in a much worse state than the way he went in! With the assistance of organiser Michael the party went off without a hitch and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

That said, it wasn't your normal buck's party. In fact there were quite a few key differences from your typical buck's night. First of all, it wasn't at night. Second, there were no naked girls. Third, the groom survived with both eyebrows intact and sober, and finally, I don't believe there were any breakages!

You are probably wondering what went on, given all the things that didn't happen. Well what do you expect when you get a bunch of 30+ computer geeks together? Network gaming, video games and and role playing!

That's right, with the help of various friends Scott's normal looking suburban residence was turned into a hive of illicit network gaming, with 10 PCs hooked up to a cobbled together network for a frenzy of blood curdling battle. Meanwhile, in the back room guests were fighting out games of tennis and boxing on the Wii, and elsewhere in the house classic role playing card games were enjoyed by those who couldn't get a spot in front of a computer. Add to this a big BBQ, potato chips, peanuts, chocolate biscuits, pizza and beer and you couldn't get a better day.

To see a few photos from the day, click the link below.

Scott "Balboa" showing his style.