Lens Reviews

Welcome to my subjective reviews of some of the Minolta lenses that I have owned and used. These reviews may provide my personal opinion of the lenses, and give some examples of the types of photos that the lens enables.

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7.5mm f/4 MD Fish-Eye
16mm f/2.8 MD Fish-Eye
17mm f/4 MC W.Rokkor
18mm f/9.5 U/W Rokkor
24mm f/2.8 MD W.Rokkor-X
24mm f/2.8 MC VFC Rokkor
28mm f/2.8 MD W.Rokkor-X
35mm f/1.8 MD W.Rokkor-X
35mm f/2.8 MD W.Rokkor
35mm f/2.8 Shift CA Rokkor
50mm f/1.4 MD Rokkor-X
50mm f/1.4 MC Rokkor-PG
50mm f/1.2 MD Rokkor-X
58mm f/1.2 MC Rokkor-PG
85mm f/2 MD Rokkor-X
85mm f/2.8 Varisoft
85mm f/1.7 MC Rokkor-X
85mm f/1.7 MD Rokkor-X
100mm f/4 MD Macro
100mm f/3.5 MD Macro Rokkor-X
135mm f/2 MD
200mm f/2.8 MD Tele Rokkor
500mm f/8 RF Rokkor-X
24-50mm f/4 MD Zoom Rokkor-X
28-85mm f/3.5-4.5 MD Zoom
60-120mm f/2.8 Tokina AT-X
100-300mm f/4 Tokina AT-X SD
  800mm f/8 RF New Review!
Minolta 24mm f/2.8 MD W.Rokkor-X Sixty second exposure, f/8 Fuji Velvia
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