NYC - September 2005

Minolta Manual Focus Convention

Accommodation Details


I think you can guarantee that our hotel won't come with a creepy doorman - I am certain that in our budget it won't have any doorman at all!



I am pleased to advise that the hotel details have been confirmed for the Manual Minolta Convention. I was conscious of the fact that many of our members (including myself) were on tight budgets, and so I have organised for us to stay at the Union Square Inn, Hotel 17, situated at 209 E 14th Street, in downtown New York near the East Village, Gramercy Park, Greenwich Village, and Washington Square Park.

This seems a nice budget hotel, with private bathrooms for all rooms and at very reasonable rates. Accommodation costs for the three days are as follows (note, these may not be exact, but will be close enough):

Standard room: $438.86 inc tax ($146 per day)
Double room $472.95 inc tax ($157 per day)
Twin room $507.04 inc tax ($169 per day)

I recommend booking as soon as possible, as I understand that there is a limited supply of the standard rooms available.

If these prices are too steep for you, then I suggest the Hotel 17, a short walk away at 225 East 17th Street.

Now, it is not a hotel with all of the extras, in fact all of the rooms available have shared facilities, but it is clean, very close to the Union Square Inn, and with a bit of real character. For the three nights of the conference the total room rates are as follows (current based upon me checking the reservations section of the site):

Single bed room $301.87 inc. tax ($101 per day)
Double bed room $394.84 inc tax ($131 per day)
Twin bed room $394.84 inc. tax (($131 per day)

If you have seen the prices of NYC hotels I believe you will agree that this is a very low price, and it should ensure that everyone can afford to come!

I would recommend that if possible you stay at the Union Square Inn to be all together, and because this is where all our activities will commence.

I gather that Hotel 17 will have rooms available for some time (it has 117 rooms) but if you want to get into the Union Square Inn, you may wish to book promptly. Your credit card will not be charged in the booking process and the site advises that you can cancel at any time up to 48 hours in advance without penalty, so there is no excuse not to book straight away!


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